Householder Applications

Our approach to each project begins with our first meeting with you, the client.

We really try to get to know you. You are more than just a brief and we understand that for you, this project is huge. It could, and should, change the way you live.

Whilst you may already have an idea what you want, we try to strip this back to understand why. We try to understand how you live, what your needs are as an individual, a couple, a family. By getting to know you, we feel we can deliver a personal service and ultimately a project that surpasses expectations.

Planning Consultancy

Our planning consultancy services are designed to lead our clients through the complexities of the development process. Verve Architecture’s advice is tailor made for each client, reflecting their different needs and priorities in the development of their land and property assets


Whether your needs are basic such as building layouts for marketing or space planning purposes, through to detailed plans indicating heating, electrical or fire safety layouts, our surveying services can meet your needs.

Almost all of the projects we undertake will require a measured survey. We will undertake a full measured survey of a property to enable us to provide accurate existing plans, sections and elevations, including drainage and services details.

We can tailor the level of survey to suit your specific requirements, such as :

  • Fire safety layouts
  • Marketing plans for Estate Agents
  • Land Registry compliant lease plans
  • Licensed premises plans
  • Full surveys

For more complex properties or topographical site surveys, we will assist you in sourcing and appointing a specialist. 

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