On site in . . Beckingham!

It was a grey day last week, but work has started on site at our clients property in Beckingham.

The property is a beautiful old school house that was converted for residential use many years ago. However, the need for more space has meant utilising the existing roofspace. The proposals include two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a small study area, all accessed via a new feature staircase.

Everything about this project is tight, except, fortunately, the client! The ceiling heights are going to be tight, the space available for a new floor structure is tight, the staircase will be tight. But with the use of some innovative products and a bit of creative thinking, we will be producing a pretty impressive space on completion.

The first stage is getting the scaffold up, getting into the roofspace and clearing out the old insulation and broken bits of ceiling etc. Its all a bit dark and dusty up there at the moment, but once its all stripped back to the existing structure we’ll post some more pictures.



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